This week's writerly news + music love + Ode to #Arrow

Pssst. Come here. Let me tell you a story.

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There once was a girl who constantly read and wrote
She stayed away from the TV because her #booklove was no joke
Then Twitter brought her a show 
Featuring a whiskery guy named Arrow
And now her writerly/readerly stuff 
Has suffered greatly. (She blames Amell.)

Ode to Arrow
By Jessica L. Brooks

That should really be the end of my writerly news, 'cause it's basically all I've got. Seriously haven't read a lick since last week because Lovemuffin and I have watched almost 40 episodes of Arrow since last Saturday. I mean, talk about a marathon. (But us fanperson-ing together *has* been fun, so there's that.) Now that I've caught up (not counting the last episode, DO NOT GO THERE), feel free to squee with me on the interwebs, because I'm totally down.

Quick recap on what I actually have done this week...


* After a Hellogoodbye hiatus, I am back full-force in love with them and they are fueling the writing I am getting done (because, you know, some *is* getting done, as Lovemuffin does work and I'm not allowed to watch an episode without him). 

Their most recent release

** Songs to check out: Just Don't Let Go Just Don't, The Magic Hour is Now, Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon  

There is a VINYL of this and I am totally freaking out.

** Songs to check out: Coppertone, Getting Old, The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps, When We First Met

* I have something exciting (for me, anyway) that I get to announce soon (coming out in enewsletter next week) and I can't wait to share it here in a week or so! *woot*

* If you haven't purchased Ghiradelli brownies, you're missing out. They are the best thing since sliced bread (and pizza. And brownies that are plain, because, yes... these HAVE chocolate IN them. TRIPLE the chocolate. THIS IS IMPORTANT). If you have a Costco, they'll hook you up with six (yes, six) batches in one box. I can't even.

* I've been getting bits and pieces of the second Cozenage book popping into my head (which is awesome). Don't want to say much, but it involves something Jonas does that is different (but neat, IMO). So... yeah.

* My author pal Cheyanne (@NormalChey) and I are going to watch the first two (probably... one for sure) episodes of Arrow tonight together on Twitter (I jumped the gun and started watching it before this, so she's the newbie, but it's all good), so if ya'll want to join in, we'll be on at 8 central (for the love of all things, do not tweet spoilers, yo!)! The hashtag will be #Arrowthon


The Man in the Iron Mask still has two weeks to go... enter to win it here! (The hashtag for this monthly feature is now officially #JLBgivesawayaDVD.)

And... that is all I've got, because I was up until two a.m. this morning thanks to Baskin Robbins and their super-caffeinated Blasts. (Thank you, Lovemuffin... totally my bad.)

Have a very blessed weekend, everyone! 


Anya said...

A link (I'm guessing you might already have it, but just in case you don't):

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Oh yes, Anya.... but thank you so much for sharing it anyway. :D <3