This Week's Writerly News -- limbo, quotes, and interesting CF categories

Yes, these are the categories for Catching Fire on Future Barbarians, UNITE!
Hey all. I don't have much to share, because I'm in limbo. The novella (Flora, 1.5 -- Rowan's POV) is out to betas before I can revise it and work on the final draft and send it off to the editor, the novella's cover is in limbo because I'm waiting on that to be created (happening very soon), the title is chosen finally (WOOT) but I don't want to share it because that'll make the cover reveal less exciting, and I'm working on OTH (Flora 2) but can't finish it yet because certain things depend on how the novella goes (man tying things together adds yet another element of crazy!). 

So yeah. But I haven't done a Writerly News post in a couple of weeks, so I thought I oughta! Which means you're getting quite the eclectic list of stuff, but maybe you'll find a some of it entertaining, at least, so here you go:

Around the interwebs: I was on Operation Awesome talking about writing dialogue tags (feel free to weigh in) HERE.

Giveaways: There's only one going on currently on the blog... The Man in the Iron Mask DVD! (And it is a great classic and Leo and so sad and an IRON MASK so feel free to enter!)

Coming Soon: On the last Monday of this month, Beighley (The Sarcastic Palm Tree), will be on the blog for my March Reader Interview. Gathering questions now, so if you would like to ask a guy teen any bookish Qs, let me know! 


Tumblr: Not a whole lot gets shared from my Tumblr, but this quote was shared and understandably so (I love it). 

Quote from Rowan's novella:

She breathes me in and I can feel her light entering my lungs, shattering every particle of overwhelming sadness that had made itself at home.

 (I wrote this in and then forgot to include it in the draft that I sent to the betas so *oops* need to fix that--sorry, guys!)

* The lovely Katie who designed the totes for the blog tour is taking custom orders! This is a great gift idea (Mother's Day IS coming up) or you can always splurge a little and get one for yourself! Check it out HERE.

I need to: 

* Start watching Arrow: A couple of ya'll have agreed to live tweet with me when we start it up--YAY! I'm hearing so much about it but being as I don't watch TV I haven't started yet because I know it's going to be a major distraction! :p But... SOON. 

* Watch the Romeo and Juliet movie I bought weeks ago (it's still in the wrapper, unopened)

* Watch the behind-the-scenes/bonus material from the Catching Fire DVD (Am I the only one who wants to check out every YA book adapted into a movie and see what their categories are now? HA HA) 

* Write a review so that I can finally read Understudy and another book I agreed to review and THEN re-check out the books I got from the library because I haven't even read the rest of THEM yet (one being Storm, the first in the Elemental series...  anyone read it?)

* Start moving and stop eating so much chocolate *hangs head*

So that's pretty much where I'm at. The moment the cover is done, I will be sending out a newsletter to reveal it (a few days before it pops up on Goodreads) so if you want to see it first but aren't subscribed to the newsletter yet, sign up over there in the sidebar! :D --->

Hmm... I guess I had more to share than I thought! ;)

Have a blessed, productive (and/or relaxing) weekend!


Eugenia said...

Yes - you definitely should start watching Arrow - it's soooo good!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

ACK! See, Eugenia! When everyone says this, I know it must be true! ;D