This week's writerly news + @STbende's Book Birthday Bash

Hey, guys! (Like my new PIAO edit below?) It's the second to last week of school for my girls, which means chaos, so this'll be a quick post.

1) This month's Reader Interview was with @MattCrazy_ ... if you have a chance, head over HERE to his two-part interview, and leave some love on his posts!

2) Starting this evening, Pity Isn't An Option's e-book will be 99 cents and If I Speak True's e-book will be $1.99 on Amazon in celebration of summer break. (Click on the Amazon icon on my sidebar to go straight to them.) 

If you'd love to read e-books but don't have an e-reader, never fear... There are Kindle apps for pretty much every mobile device now (and even your PC) and they're free! Just click HERE!

**Side note: Both PIAO and IIST are also in the Kindle Matchbook program... meaning, if you purchase the paperback of either book, you receive the e-book of that same item, FREE! (Keep one, give one away! YAY!) Just scroll down a bit until you see the Kindle Matchbook option to learn more!

3) Tonight at 9:50 EST I will be celebrating my great pal ST's re-release of Elkser (think Thor, but of him as more romantical--it's a fun series) at an event she's throwing on Facebook and I'd love to see you guys over there! There will be lots of giveaways by lots of different authors (from YA to adult, I believe, so keep that in mind... not all time slots will be YA). Click HERE to see who else will be there, bookmark the event, or RSVP! I'm going to give away e-books, some book swag, and more! (My giveaway will be international.)

4) The month of July is very exciting for me, as By Sun and Candlelight will be out and Open Thy Heart (Flora, #2)'s cover will be revealed! Wahoo! PLUS, Hafsah is making some Flora bookmarks for me to give away soon! So stay tuned!

5) Last but not least, the #JLBgivesawayaDVD giveaway of Forever Strong ends tonight. Click here to enter. Here's next month's giveaway (starts Monday).



STBende said...

Ooh, I hadn't realized your books were going on sale! I'll tweet out links. That's fabulous Jessica! I'm super excited to party with you tonight!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Had a great time, ST! :D And thanks for sharing! <3