November's #JLBgivesawayaDVD: The Princess Bride

I was going to give this away back in September, but it got a little crazy with OTH's release, and then, well, last month was my birthday bash, so that didn't work, either so here it is finally! YAY! 

I loveThe Princess Bride. Dahlia in the Flora series loves The Princess Bride. My daughters are sicking of me quoting lines from somewhat like The Princess Bride. It's one of those movies you've either seen a thousand times, or haven't seen it at all and can't figure out what the hype is about. And I'll tell you, if you have not seen it before, you must watch it. You must. Ignore the simple/impossible to believe at times cinematography, and just go into it knowing you're going to pay attention to two things:

1) the characters


2) their lines

Yep. That's it. Once you focus on those two things, this movie is gold. Sure, it came out in 1987, but who cares? When a movie that's been out for almost three decades has an awesome Facebook page with over 2 million likes, that's saying something. Right?

I've said so much already, I'm not going to share the trailer (but here it is). Enter for yourself. Enter to give as a Christmas present! Enter to give as an "I love you so much ____, I'm giving this amazing classic to you for nothing. See how special you are to me?" gift. Just enter! :D

And now, the giveaway:

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