November's Reader Interview with Madisyn, part two

Welcome back to day two of November's reader interview with Madisyn! If you missed day one, go HERE.

Name an interesting/unique element in a book that you really enjoyed:

I loved the overall concept of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. The fact that love is considered a disease is crazy to me. Like it’s not even like it’s just romance love, there isn’t even a strong love between parents and child or siblings. I just couldn’t imagine love being a bad thing, but the book was fascinating!

What’s the first thing you read when you get a book (blurb, back, et cetera)?

It all depends on how soon I play on reading the book. If I plan on reading it soon, I just start reading it or put it on my shelf until I read it. If I don’t plan on reading it for a while, I’ll read the back. I hate reading the back of books before I read them though. It almost spoils the beginning of the book for you. It’s harder for me to get attached if I read the back.

Agreed! I've even stopped reading entire blurbs from Goodreads when I'm getting ready to read for the same reason!

Name a book you didn’t think you’d like, but ended up being pleasantly surprised by.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I went into it just thinking I was reading it for WIRC (Westmoreland Interscholastic Reading Competition), and I wasn’t going to care about it, just reading it for the competition. But the book was fascinating, I loved it. It was so emotional and not what I was expecting. I plan on using Randy Pausch for any essays or anything when I need a person or nonfiction book for school. I’d suggest reading it! ;)

List one book-to-movie adaptation NOT yet in the works that you’d love to see happen:

I don’t believe Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is in the works. It was written by Gabrielle Zevin, and it was extremely emotional and thought-provoking. I’d love to see it as a movie!

Paper, or ebooks?

My first instinct is definitely paper because I have like 500 or so books, and I love the feel of books and everything! But my Kindle is so convenient and cheap! I can get books for free or like $2 and stuff like that. Plus I can get books at 4 am with no judging from crazies. I will always say paper over ebooks though…

Worst book hangover?

Ha! Ha! My first thought was Clockwork Princess or Allegiant. Then my mother got involved and screamed, “Sing me to Sleep!” So, yeah…I uhh…that was a bad day. So I read it all in one night until 4am. They also had a song from the book (pretty sad and emotional), so I played it on repeat for a while. I’m like bawling my eyes out for hours. I finally fall asleep, and wake up the next morning. My mom’s all worried because there’s a bunch of used tissues and an empty tissue box on the floor by my bed. I have makeup stains down my face because I didn’t take it off before my cry fest. I listen to that song all day at a loud volume, running around my house ranting and crying. At like 2pm, I sit down to try to start a new book, then I relate a character to Derek (from Sing me to Sleep) and start crying and give up. My cousin came up to scrapbook with my mom, so I’m like I NEED to read a new book. I pull out this short book that looks good. I read it that night until 2am. So, yeah, that book was about a girl grieving over her dead boyfriend with memories and flashbacks, and I cried more. I was an emotional wreck for the next week, and I COULD NOT start a new book until almost the end of July. 

And... that ends this month's reader interview! Thanks so much for doing the reader interview, Madisyn! :D

It was fabulous! Thanks for inviting me to do it! You have really awesome, hard questions too!

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