EARLY READER PROGRAM INFO (#ARCs #bookbloggers #reviews)

It's official: I've decided to do something different regarding new releases and book reviews. Usually, eARCs (electronic advanced reader copies) are sent out to readers interested and willing to read and review (R&R) a book before or not long after it comes out; and then a few hardcopies are given to either people out of the US, or readers interested in reviewing later on, once the book has already been released.

But lately... I've been feeling like it's time to get back to actual, physical copies. There's nothing like holding the book in your hands, flipping the pages, staring at the cover, reading the back flap, and being able to pass it along to another reader who might enjoy it.

I'm not saying that I will never henceforth from this moment on ever share eARCs again, but for now, with a few projects in the works and other things possibly happening next year, it's looking like physical ARCs are going to be my main MO.

Because of this, and due to the fact that ARCs cost money to both print and ship, I'm looking for readers who are genuinely interested in reading and reviewing my books to be a part of a Early Review group.

After figuring out the cost of doing this, it's become obvious that there has to be a limited amount of spots available. (Would I love to send everyone a book? Sure. But then, um, writing more books would be hard, because I'd still be trying to pay for those darn ARCs, so how would I get the next ones out?) Therefore, I'm asking that those who DO show interest in this program only do so if they think they will be able to read and review. (Not saying read and lie; please be honest about what you think.) 

My other stipulation to this group is that those accepted need to be aware of and agree upon the stipulation that while posting a review on Goodreads is lovely, it generally does not help an author make sales. Which means I will be requiring that those in the Early Review group post their review on either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, The Book Depository, or iBooks. (Can be some of those, all of those, whatever, as long as you do at least one.)

If, after reading all of that, you're still down to be an Early Reader (I sure hope so!) please FILL OUT THIS FORM. Those accepted into the program will be contacted in the next few weeks. Thank you in advance for your interest in my work! 

Have a blessed weekend!


Rachel Lightwood @ Quite the Novel Idea said...

This is a FABULOUS idea! I'm having the exact problem at the moment. I haven't touched my Kindle in a couple of months because I just cannot get into ebooks at the moment. But I still have eARCs that I need to read, so I've actually been buying the physical book (or borrowing them from the library) to read instead. This idea would solve that perfectly.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

It's so good to hear you say that. I love ebooks, but there are times when I HAVE to hold the real thing. I fall in love with them so much more that way.

Hope you're finding most of those books at your local library!

Thanks so much for weighing in, Rachel!

Unknown said...

The book I'm looking most forward to reading is....Sword of Summer/Go Set a Watchman/many others on my tbr list which I will now go and check.