Welcome to the #ExcusetoRead read-a-thon! :D

Hi, all! Welcome to EXCUSE TO READ read-a-thon, day one!!!! :D Are you excited to get some reading done? I sure am! 

Today, July 28th, we're showing off the books we've chosen to read over the course of the week. I've chosen a LOT of books, and though it's not likely I'll finish them all, I wanted a nice variety of YA so I can read according to my mood. Here they are:

My official Excuse to Read TBR
A quick breakdown:

Goose (Paper Aeroplanes, #2)GOOSE (Paper Aeroplanes, #2) by Dawn O'Porter (eARC) 

Why I'm reading it:
 I need to read this before it's no longer available on NetGalley (end of August). I've never read anything by her before, but the description of GOOSE drew me in and I wanted to know more. I actually had no idea that this is actually book two until I was setting up this post, so now I suppose I should read Paper Aeroplanes first!

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The Westing GameTHE WESTING GAME by Ellen Raskin 

Why I'm reading it: 
I came across this in the 99 Cent Store, and it looked like a great, fun mystery. Not what I usually read, which is why I'm quite excited about it! :) 

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Looking for AlibrandiLOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI by Melina Marchetta

Why I'm reading it:

Two words: Melina Marchetta.
Jellicoe Road.
Lumatere Chronicles.
(oh wait, that's six.)
I love Melina's writing, and have heard great things about Looking For Alibrandi.  

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Falling into PlaceFALLING INTO PLACE by Amy Zhang (ARC)

Why I'm reading it:
Because I've wanted to for a long time (the premise, young age of the author, and cover had me curious) and finally recently received a copy from Britt (@Kalebsmome) using the #booksfortrade on Twitter! :D 

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A Strange Machine (Timeloopers, #1) A STRANGE MACHINE (Time Loopers, #1) by Dan Rix

Why I'm reading it:
Mainly because ever since reading Myra McEntire's Hourglass &Timepiece, Loop & Twist by Karen Akins, and Nicole Zoltack's The Test of Time, I've been looking for more time travel books! This series looks fun, and I'm always looking to add to my list of indie reads.  

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Tin Star (Tin Star, #1)TIN STAR by Cecil Castellucci (ARC)

Why I'm reading it: I've wanted this book in my hands ever since I saw the cover and read that it had to do with aliens. This is another ARC I got from Britt and #booksfortrade. 

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The Walled CityTHE WALLED CITY by Ryan Graudin (ARC)

Why I'm reading it: A) haven't read a dystopian in a while B) I love those three lines on the cover C) most of my GR friends have enjoyed it, and that's saying something! (Thanks again to Britt for this ARC! hehe)

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Mark of the Thief (Mark of the Thief, #1)MARK OF THE THIEF (Mark of the Thief, #1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Why I'm reading it: After reading The Ascendance Trilogy (The False Prince, etc) by Ms. Nielsen, I've been looking forward to reading something else by her, so I pre-ordered Mark of the Thief not long after it was announced. Then it arrived, and... I never got around to reading it! :( 

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From the Wreckage (From the Wreckage, #1)FROM THE WRECKAGE (From the Wreckage, #1) by Michele G. Miller

Why I'm reading it: I came across this a while back on Amazon, and it's been sitting on my Kindle ever since. Basically, it looks good, has tons of great ratings, the author already has two more books in the series out (ACK!), and I'm tired of it taunting me on my screen!  

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And... that's my breakdown! WHEW!!!! I'm so excited to get started! 

***If you're participating in the read-a-thon, link up below so we can cheer each other on! If you would like to join in and read along with us, please do! THE MORE THE MERRIER! (Here's a little info that explains what's going on.)

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Rachel Lightwood @ Quite the Novel Idea said...

I really wanted to join this readathon but school started this week and it just wasn't a good time! :"(

Falling Into Place is really, really, really good. 100% recommend. One of my faves this year. Enjoy!