Take Me Back Tuesday - Installment #5

Something was in a bush in the backyard.  My doberman pinscher had his head buried deep into the branches, pawing, attempting to get a piece of what he'd found. 

My friend and I walked outside, curious.  We expected to find a bone, a piece of the lounge chair he loved to rip apart. 

"Jordan!  Get away from there!" 

I peered through the leaves.  It definitely wasn't a bone.  

"It's black."

"Black?  Like a trash bag?"

"I dunno.   But it is definitely, most definitely something black."

"Touch it."

"Ew no!  I'm not going to touch it!"

She ran into the house, returning seconds later with a grocery store bag.  I put my hand inside, making the most of my plastic "glove".  

I took a deep breath.  

"Okay.  Here we go." I said, reaching into the bush, my head turned away, grimacing as my fingers came in contact with something hard.

"What is it?"

"I don't know... "

"Pick it up."

And stupid me, I did it.  I picked it up.

 I could feel things moving, popping, like cracking knuckles as I pulled it from the bush.  It dangled limp, inches from my face.

"Oh my - " my friend said.   

The blob of black swung around, the body weight causing it to rotate slowly as it hung from my (not covered even close to enough) hand.  

We screamed - loud, disgusted, horrified screams - when the cat's head completed its rotation.  Screamed at the sight of its eyeball, hard as a rock, protruding from the socket.  Screamed at the cat's tongue, still pink, stuck and pointed, laughing at us in the most deadly way.  Screamed as I dropped it and the cat went falling to the ground.  Then we screamed again as Jordan ran over and tried to lick it.



Elisabeth Black said...

That is truly disgusting, Jessica. Congratulations.


Anne Gallagher said...


Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Thanks Elizabeth! ;)

It was the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen! I still remember it over 15 years later!

Unknown said...


I mean... I love your blog, lol! Coffee, writing, mod owls... right up my alley. :) (Have you ever checked out www.modcloth.com ?) Thanks for visiting mine. Come back soon, I'm hatching a contest tonight!

Lindsey :)

Susie said...

Yep, you did good...I'm sick to my stomach, but was right there with you kid!