Thursdays with Snip - contests & news

Happy Thursday, everyone! It's been a busy week, so though I don't have much to share this week (normally I'm all over the blogosphere and twitter looking for stuff), what I do have is, I think, pretty good! (Especially the contests!) So, on with the show...

Writerly News

Query Advice: The always insightful Nathan Bransford had a great post Tuesday on How to Deal with Contradictory Query Advice. Great read.

I Should Be Ashamed: As usual, Tahereh has posted something I lurve. If you haven't see the I Should Be Ashamed post yet, check it out here. (You YA writers out there will appreciate it, and those of you who aren't will probably like it too.) And you may as well read her How to Write a Novel post while you're at it. *So* great.


Free Edit Contest: Cassandra Marshall is holding a free edit contest. Check this link for more info. (Contest ends September 20th.)

Teeth and Bones Editing Contest: The Novel Matters blog is hosting an aptly named teeth and bones editing contest, with the winner to receive a first chapter and synopsis edit by Bonnie Grove. Check this link out for the details. (Contest ends September 17th.)

* NEW: Signed copies of Lisa McMann's Wake, Fade and Gone: Late Bloomer Online is hosting a giveaway to win signed copies of Lisa McMann's Wake series. You can find the contest form here. (Contest ends September 12th)

Personal Demons prize package: Elena Johnson launched a book blog tour yesterday. Check out this link to learn how to be entered in the contest to win Personal Demons.

Decatur Book Festival Giveaway : Heather at See Heather Write is holding a contest and giving away two books -

SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce or AUDREY, WAIT! by Robin Benway


Lola Sharp said...

I hope your uber busy week is all good busy.

*off to fetch more coffee*

Happy Thursday! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday and thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

These links are great! How do you find all this stuff? How do I even enter the writers blog world?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Always on the lookout for contests!