Loverly lovefest: Love in literature

"I know the expression love bloomed is metaphorical, but in my heart in this moment, there is one badass flower, captured in time-lapse photography, going from bud to wild radiant blossom in ten seconds flat."
Jandy Nelson (The Sky Is Everywhere)

Ah... love. It can make you feel as high as the sky, it can make you feel as though you've sunk into the deepest depths of despair. I, personally, love both reading and writing about love. When it's written well and inserted in just the right places, love can add the perfect dose of tension or suspense. It can even control a character's motivation or determine their decisions; and make us, as readers, understand why a character is behaving a certain way.

This week I'm going to be sharing a few loverly things that have inspired me, personally.

Recently, as I was trolling around on itunes looking for a new muse, I came across He is We. If you haven't heard of them, all I'm going to say is... Wow. The words in their songs are perfect--they encapsulate all those feelings that rush through us during love highs and lows.

So today's inspiration is the song All About Us, by He is We. (If the video doesn't work, here's the youtube direct link.)

What did you think? Did it remind you of any books or characters in particular that you love? What kind of songs inspire you? I love to hear about them in the comments!


Unknown said...

Hmmm... difficult, usually my voices are a dog, a squirrel, and a boy or girl, not too much trouble there, but I'm about to begin a book for grown-ups and had better start thinking about this.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Such a sweet, loverly song! Really captures those falling in love emotions.

Janet Johnson said...

Loved the song. :) It just made me want to dance with my cute husband.

Laura Pauling said...

And love is such a core emotion that everyone feels or has felt that it's great to write and read about!

Anonymous said...

I love Jandy Nelson. I hope she's coming out with something new.

That's a pretty song.

My captcha for posting this comment is "nowedit". Is that a sign?

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Ha ha Medeia... maybe it is! I hope Jandy is, too!

Laura - I wholeheartedly agree!

Janet - Me too! (But Lovemuffin isn't much of a dancer.)

Carol - I agree. It does. Love how someone decided to add photos to the song, too. =)

Carole - Well now you have at least one song to use as a muse once you do! ;)