Stuck on you like super glue

I had this long post scheduled for today, but I decided to delete it. Why? Because I have a tendency, when trying to get my point across, to go way overboard. So here's the shortened version:

I love feeling so close to a character that it feels as though I'm stuck on them like glue.

The end.

(Maybe I should write shorter posts more often.)

Currently inspired by -- Grace Potter & The Nocturnals -- Paris (Ooh La La)


Andi said...

I like that. But I wanna know the long version. Are my tangents rubbing off on you? I'm sorry.

Unknown said...

I'd love to be stuck like that, maybe one day... sigh..

James Garcia Jr said...

Hmm? I think we need to see the long post in order to make a fair judgement. ;)
Have a great night and a Happy Friday, Snip.


Lydia Sharp said...

Haha! I do the same thing with my blog posts, and they still end up huge, even after I've deleted a bunch of excess. Loving words is sometimes a curse.

Anita Grace Howard said...

That is such a lovely thought!!

And yeah, I feel the same way. Sigh...