“It never fails to surprise me, in conversations with writers who seek my advice as to what they should write, how many fail to see before their very eyes the hay that might be gold. Instead of honoring the subjects and forms that invade their dreams and diaries, they concoct some ideas about what’s selling or what agents and editors are looking for as they try to fit their odd-shaped pegs into someone else’s hole. There is nothing more refreshing for an editor to meet a writer or read a query letter that takes him completely by surprise, that brings him into a world he didn’t know existed or awakens him to a notion that had been there all along but that he had never much noticed. Some of the most striking and successful books in recent history were clearly born of a writer’s obsession and complete disregard of what, supposedly, sells.”

–Betsy Lerner, The Forest for the Trees: An Editor’s Advice to Writers, p. 17-18

Don't think there's really anything left to say!

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