Get ready for a par-tay! :D And writerly news

Hey all! So, the first bit of news for this week is, Pity Isn't An Option is finally available to purchase on audiobook! YAY! *throws coffee beans* *dances like Davey Jones* You can check it out and listen to the first two minutes on HERE. (It's also available on and iTunes.) Also, if you've thought about getting an Audible account but haven't been sure about it, they have a pretty cool deal where the first book you pick is free. (We did this a week ago when my sophomore decided to get A Tale of Two Cities--required reading--boy did reading along with the narration make a difference!) I'm pretty sure I'm going to take advantage of Audible, as I already have a list of audiobooks I'm wanting to get! ;) 
Pity Isn't an Option: Cozenage, Book 1 | [Jessica L. Brooks]
audiobook cover

Anyway. That's the first bit of news...

2) Next month I'm going to turn the big THREE-FIVE and in order to celebrate, I'm going to do a pretty big giveaway. This means indie AND traditionally pubbed YA books (one might, just MIGHT, be ROSE UNDER FIRE) will be up for grabs, along with Pity Isn't An Option's ebook and audiobook, and of course, book swag. It's going to be so fun, and best of all, this is the kind of party you can participate in whilst still in your PJs (the best kind! of parties... not of PJs... as for those, however, feel free to wear ratty, threadbare ones or whatever... no one'll notice) Isn't that great? ;)

3) Reading-wise, I'm still reading The Count of Monte Cristo and have officially decided that I'm going to purchase the DVD when I'm done and compare the two (with an open mind whilst watching Henry Cav--I mean, the movie) and perhaps have a fun twitter session of quotes. (I give myself weird rewards. I know this.)

4) IF I SPEAK TRUE is officially with the editor, guys. *squee* *freaks out* *panics* *flails* This means it really is going to come out soon, and to this, I say:

(If you're curious, I do have a pretty detailed IF I SPEAK TRUE board on Pinterest!)

and last:

5) If you missed it: I was over at Operation Awesome talking about how therapeutic words are hereand my Waiting on Wednesday post was, incidentally, about Operation Awesome alumni, Wesley Chu's, The Deaths of Tao! (Check it out here.) 

Have a blessed weekend!!! :)

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