This week's writerly news (in photos)...

It's almost October! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. And speaking of October, my #JLBBirthdayBash will officially begin in a few days... can we say YAY for prizes??? :D

As for news, this week has been pretty busy. I figured out the title to Flora Book 2 (come back Monday to find out), heard from my editor (work to be done, but I still very much hope to have If I Speak True out beginning of December), wrote quite a bit (if you've never done twitter word-sprint write clubs like #FridayNightWrites or #writeclub, you should!) and started on my amazing cover/site designer, Hafsah's gorgeous-o book, UNBREATHABLE. (Can't wait to finish it this weekend. And, she has a fan site already for it. Talk about awesome, right?You can check it out here.)

So since I'm a little late in writing today's post, I thought I'd just share a few photos to sum everything up. Ready? O-kay!

1) IF I SPEAK TRUE (Flora #1) fun:

 photo cabcef4f-cfbd-4bb1-a4a1-617624d486df_zps6a107854.jpgSaw this yesterday and immediately thought of Eva, Dahlia's best friend (she loves to read about werewolves). If she had a journal and didn't prefer to talk so much instead, this would definitely be something she'd use.

2) Recent #amwriting note I'd completely forgotten I'd written until I found it: 

 photo photo_zps3b8dfe0c.jpg

Uh huh. 

3) Here's a teaser Hafsah recently shared for her book, UNBREATHABLE, the book I'm reading now (and she's donating an ebook & some bookmarks for the #JLBBirthdayBash!--Yay!):

 photo 1256532_530489567023387_1657858332_n_zps684211d7.jpg
I know you want to read it yesterday now. ;) (It comes out in less than a month!)

 photo 7d6aeaf6-c6a1-409d-80e0-1d5d232f9735_zps9fa4b317.jpg4) Honestly, I can't even remember why I took this photo, but I came across it this week, and it made me think of Jonas in PITY ISN'T AN OPTION. See, he has thing against beans. If he'd seen this in the Norton kitchen, in fact, he wouldn't have been very happy. (Sometimes, Hattie's sister calls him Beanie, on account of his hatred for beans.) ;)

5) Not the best picture, I know, but here are a few things that will be going into drawings for my #JLBBirthdayBash (more to come, including UNBREATHABLE and PITY ISN'T AN OPTION swag, and other stuffs):

   photo 2102807e-f96b-427e-bd4d-eeb8f89bee83_zpsd42b8283.jpg

So, there ya have it. Oh, and in case you missed it, my enewsletter will be starting up soon, so if you'd like to receive news and content before everyone else, here's the link!

Until Monday, be blessed!


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