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This week has been a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff. I'm late to post, so pardon me if it's a little messy (haven't had a whole cup of coffee yet):

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One of many things up for grabs during #JLBBirthdayBash
News: The only *real* news this week that's um, new, I guess, is that I'm in the process of setting up my e-newsletter. This is a fun experience, but takes getting used to, as I'm learning how to work the system, and that always necessitates a bit of tinkering around. On the plus side, knowing I'm going to have a group of people whom I can send super top secret cool stuffs to is definitely fun. I will share more about that come next month when we do my big #JLBBirthdayBash, but for now, I'll just throw out there that if you *do* want to be on the e-newsletter list, click HERE to fill out the form!

The Scorch Trials (Maze Run...Reading: I finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and Rose Under Fire (the companion novel to Code Name Verity--you can read my blathering review here. Be warned: I wrote it late at night when I was all emotional). And ohhhhh how Rose Under Fire broke my heart. (I searched for a few quotes to share but all of the ones I love give too much away. Sorry.) Whew. Now, on to... The Scorch Trials. Because, after looking all over Target and finding they *only* carry The Maze Runner (book 1) and then the third book (what the what?) The Death Cure, I finally found book two at the grocery store (you go, Mr. Dashner!).* 

WoW: In case you missed it, this week's Waiting On Wednesday post was Her Dark Curiosity. For those of you familiar with The Island of Dr. Moreau, it's kind of like a YA version of that. And the first one in the series left you hanging so BAD. It's one of those books I know I will inhale the moment it's available. (But wait. I do that with all of them. Sigh.)

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Writing: Still working on Flora 2 (can't wait to figure out a title... getting close) and getting all of my notes together. Not sure if you saw it on my Instagram (not following? Want to connect? Click the Instagram icon over there at the top right!), but I tend to make notes all over the place on whatever I can find, and then transfer it all over later. Yep. That's how I write. Random sentences and ideas that make up the overall plot. Then I have to fill in the blanks. So here's a fun photo (which I'm sharing because I just loved how the sun was falling on my *ahem* messy desk)

So, that's about it! It's a little cooler here now (not sure how long it'll last) and boy is it nice! Here's hoping you all have a blessed weekend with great weather as well!

*You don't even want to know all the books I bought this week. It's insane. Also: I won one from Me, My Shelf & I (and/or the publisher): Infinityglass by Myra McEntire!!!!! Yayyyy I AM SO EXCITED and cannot wait for it to arrive!!!

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