Writerly News

Not a whole lot of writerly news for this week, mainly because this week is a short one and I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo (slow reading, but I am really enjoying it--especially since I watched the movie so I have particular faces in my head). Plus, I've been working on edits and whatnot. But I did want to share a little excerpt from one of the things I'm working on, because I think it shows Jonas' heart and the way he is, following Pity Isn't An Option. So here it is, and it will *hopefully* make it to book two of the Cozenage series (as yet, untitled):

I write words like birds on the page. They glide across the paper, getting me from one point to the next, flapping their wings only when the momentum dies down and I need to be propelled further. They are my flittering pace, my fluttering hope. When all is lost and I have nothing and nowhere to go, I still have words, glorious words, and they comfort me and bring me home.

Have a great weekend!

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