Kitchen safety class, yummy recipe, book song + more: this week's writerly news

Heyguysit'scrazyoverheresoI'mgonnasharethisweek'sstuffrealllllfast. (Only not that fast, because you can barely even read that.)

1) Found this nifty recipe and can't wait to try it next week (Chungah's blog is quickly becoming my very very favorite): Buttermilk Banana Blueberry Bread

2) Flora series exclusive content: Along with hosting an author on their blog during last week's YA Scavenger Hunt, each participating author also had to contribute exclusive bonus content to their host/hostess. I realized I'd shared my bonus content everywhere *but* here, so here ya go: David and Dahlia's lovely uh, safety class.

*insert tons of laughing emojis here*
Also: we're going to pretend that a) I can draw
and b) I actually know how to spell forest.

3) This happened on Instagram the other day and I thought it was absolutely perfect because if you've read the Flora series you know Ambrosia is not very...erm... modern. :D (Make sure to read my comment first, then @life_love_fandoms' response)

4) I don't know why, but I never share my WoWs on Friday's posts, and I totally should...
about Jennifer A. Nielsen's upcoming Mark of the Thief!

5) ICY(somehow happened to)MI: This All About the Bass, No Trouble re-do is great for #booklove peeps: 

and last... 

6) Here are the winners of the OPEN THY HEART release giveaways and the exclusive YA Scavenger Hunt on my blog:

OTH's US giveaway: Cali W. (woot!)

OTH's international giveaway: CCm from the PHILIPPINES!!!! *applause*


The exclusive Flora giveaway during #YASH: Laura C.!

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (So many Cs!!!!) I'll be getting in contact with ya'll over the weekend and sending over what I need to send if I haven't already!

Have a blessed weekend, everybody!

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