October's Reader Interview: Kaitin from Reading is My Treasure

October's reader is Kaitlin from Reading is My Treasure. Hi, Kaitlin! Thanks for being here!

Hi Jessica! I’m glad to be here. :)

Most readers have a specific book/series that they can pinpoint as the book that opened the door to their love for YA. What was yours, and what made it so special?
Mine was The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman! I can’t recall specifically why it opened the door to my love of YA (and reading in general). I just remember loving the characters, world, and story then starting to read more and more books than I had before that point.

You’ve been blogging for a while now. What have you seen change since you started? What’s remained the same?
I feel like not much has changed in the past 16 months I’ve been blogging. The most noticeable thing is the people I interact with in the blogosphere. Most of my regular commenters from early in the year don’t seem like the ones that comment regularly now. My fellow bloggers that I talked to the most back in January are not necessarily the same one that I talk to the most now. The love and excitement for reading in the blogosphere has remained the same, though, no matter who I was interacting with the most.

Name a favorite feature on someone else’s blog:
I love Trending Tuesday on YA Romantics! The posts are always interesting.
Ooh, yes! I love that one, too!

Name your favorite feature at Reading is My Treasure:
My current favorite is a new-ish feature called Q&A Discussion. I answer a question (submitted by one of the blog’s visitors) in a post and turn it into a discussion!

What would be the single most important advice you’d give to readers interested in reviewing and/or blogging about books?
Review and blog the way you want to review and blog. If you blog the way other people say you should blog and don’t do it the way you want to, you would probably not get as much out of it. You would probably not have as much fun either.

Favorite thing about the book blogging community, overall?
The people! Hands down.☺

A while back, one of my daughters left a book too close to the stove, and the spaghetti sauce I was cooking splattered all over it. We wiped the cover down, but to this day, it’s still covered with orange dots. Have you ever had anything like that happen to a book? If so, was it yours?
I can’t recall doing anything like that to my book, but my friend left one that I lent her (Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, which is really special to me) out in the rain once. It’s by far the most damaged book I own. Despite being wrinkled and water stained, it’s still very much readable (thankfully).
Okay I just checked my library because I knew I had that book, and mine is damaged, too! *sad face*

Do you ever dog-ear your pages?
NO. Just . . . no. (Like in the last question, though, I’ve had friends dog ear my books.)
Ack! I am so sorry!

Have you ever used lines from books in real life situations, and if so, did anyone notice?
That would be cool if I had done that, but I don’t remember quotes that well to do that. :(

Worst book hangover ever?
I got a really bad book hangover after finishing The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas. It was heartbreaking and actually made me very nervous about reading another book because I thought that certain events at the end of the last novella would happen in the other book I was reading.

Favorite female character, and why:
Celaena from the Throne of Glass series is my favorite right now. She is awesome. She’s grown a lot throughout the series so far and has both a lot of strength and many flaws. Plus, she’s an assassin that loves books and nice clothes. I don’t see a lot of assassins dressing up real nice in books because they actually want to and I love how comfortable Celaena is with doing that.

Favorite male character, and why:
Adrian Ivashkov from the Vampire Diaries/Bloodlines series is amazing. He’s funny, flawed, loyal, and so, so sweet. I love him!

Thanks so much for being here, Kaitlin! Come back tomorrow for part two of Kailtin's reader interview. In the meantime, connect with Kaitlin at Reading is My Treasure

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