IF I SPEAK TRUE is finally here! Blog tour schedule, #giveaway info + behind the (craft) scenes

Me. I call this "The Excited Shuffle".
Today is If I Speak True's "official" release day, which means that the blog tour has officially begun! *does shuffle*

Here's some of the swag I've been accumulating for the giveaways (US and International) including the totes Katie made and the buttons Hafsah made for me, too:

 photo 9231a40f-0596-4491-b951-54f11c414100.jpg 
 photo photo-1.jpg
Close up of the buttons --
those are actual pages from the book!
Also, Katie--not to be confused with Kate, my blog tour lady--who made the totes for the giveaway (I almost said, Katie, who totes made the totes for the giveaway... Aren't you glad I refrained myself???) has a post up on her (amazing) blog regarding her method for making them. You can check it out HERE. (She also has a ton of really cool craft ideas--you might want to look around a little!) 

Last, I thought I'd share the schedule here so you can check out the various posts throughout the next two weeks (and show the lovely bloggers who so graciously offered to feature If I Speak True some major love). A big shout-out to Kate who scheduled everything (that's her badge below, isn't it the cutest?)--thanks so much for everything you did to get this going, milady!


Blog Tour Schedule

January 27th – Kristalyn Thornock at The Sarcastic Palmtree (Release Day/DVD giveaway)
January 27th – Cassandra at Cassandra Lost in Books (Release Day)
January 27th – Meg at Book Groupies (Release Day)
January 28th – Kaitlin at Reading is My Treasure (Review)
January 28th – Lisa at Dizneeee's World of Books
January 29th – Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Author Interview)
January 29th – Cheyanne at Cheyanne Young (Author interview)
January 30th – Eugenia at Chasm of Books (Author Interview and Review)
January 31st – Jenna (JL) at Avid Reader Musings (Writing Playlist)
January 31st – Ella Johnson at Mymcbooks Blog (Spotlight/giveaway)
February 1rd -- Eugenia at Chasm of Books (Shaver dream cast)
February 3rd – Heather Rosdol at Buried in Books (Review)
February 3rd – Rachel at The NerdHerd Reads (Ambrosia Dreamcast)
February 4th – Penny at One Writer's Journey (Author Interview)
February 5th – Beverly at The Wormhole (Author interview and book promo spot)
February 5th – Kaycee at My Crafty Zoo (Deleted scene and recipe)
February 6th – Kimberly Lim at Kim's Reading Lounge (Review)
February 6th – Dianne at Oops! I Read A Book Again (Review)
February 7th – Janie Junebug at Women: We Shall Overcome (Guest Post)
February 7th – Jodie at Books for Company (Lyrics written for If I Speak True)
February 7th -- Colleen at Cici's Theories (Plant meanings and their correlations to the characters)

Thanks so much for celebrating this with me, guys! Hope to see you around on the tour, and don't forget to enter the giveaways! :D

Be blessed, 



Unknown said...

Yay! I was so glad to be able to put this together for you! I know my bloggers all had a blast sharing If I Speak True with their readers!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

:) So blessed, Kate! Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

It was a pleasure! (And I seriously must get my hands on a tote and those buttons! gorgeous!)