LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS -- this week's writerly news

Just a quick warning: This post is going to be full of exclamation points. (!!!!!) 

Hey, all! It's Friday! Which means that, in a couple of days, If I Speak True's blog tour will begin! This is me right now:

And guess what? Both the ebook AND paperback are already available on Amazon! (Please again refer to the above gif.) (link

Also, today the giveaway on Goodreads finally appeared! (link) The giveaway is US only though--sorry guys--because the cost of mailing books is INSANE. (I will share the blog stops, though, throughout the tour, starting Monday, so ya'll can enter to win stuff here AND internationally that way.)

Another thing: the first review came in today--thanks, Beryl!!! (Do I need to mention the above gif?) (link)

There are only a couple more posts on my Tumblr If I Speak True photo-a-day feature... please check it out if you have a chance because the photos and excerpts really do give you a great visual of the storyline! (Remember to start at the first ever entry of the book's cover if this is the first time visiting, and work your way up and to the first page!) (link)

And, last but most certainly not least...

Though I haven't done this in YEARS... I am so excited about If I Speak True's release and the fact that Rowan's novella is almost done and the second book is well under way that I just HADDDDD to share an excerpt from the novella. (SQUEE) This is Rowan and Briscoe at Castle Lennox (Rowan's POV, obviously). Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and has not yet been edited (or revised) so (minor) things will most likely be changed. Enjoy!


I wave my hand. “I was angry at first, I am not going to lie. You had no right to--”

“Yes, I know,” Briscoe interrupts, “and that is why I came today, to tell you--”

“Will you let me finish?”

He clamps his mouth shut and nods.

“You had no right to step in and tell Dahlia the severity of the situation," I continue, "Not because she does not deserve to know--we know she does, she is a part of Ambrosia... but with us being unsure how long it will be until she can come back, sending her home with more reasons to be concerned whilst there, unable to speak to anyone about it at all, is not the proper way to go. But..."

Briscoe's eyes widen. “Yes?”

“But once we arrived back last night, it occurred to me what you were doing. And for that, I am grateful.”

 “She needed to know," he says, sucking in a deep breath, "and you did not want her mad at you--”

“Well that did not exactly happen.” I rub my arm, and we both laugh. The tension dissipates, and I know Briscoe is back to being my brother again.

“But I knew you would not want all of that animosity aimed at you, for who knows how long.”

“I appreciate it. I am sorry for not recognizing it sooner.”

“It did make for a good show." Briscoe grins. He gets in my face and growls. “You are out of line!”

“I am sure I was not that dramatic.” I chuckle, shoving him away.

“No,” He rolls his eyes, “You were more.”

“One day, one day you will see, brother. A lady will look up at you through thick eyelashes of wonder and your heart will stop and your body will melt into pitch and you will lose all reason and want to follow her wherever she goes.”

“Is that what Dahlia makes you want to do? Follow her to Shaver?”

“Dahlia…” I set a hand on his shoulder. “Dahlia makes me want to bring her here and destroy both the Door and the Gate, so she can never leave again.”


Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for putting up with my exclamation points!!! 

Have a blessed weekend and see ya'll here on Monday! :D


Anita said...

You are SO happy in this video that it make me SO happy for you!


Amy M. said...

Just heard about this book today. Definitely interested in reading If I Speak True. Sounds like an interesting read!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Ha ha thanks Anita! It's the BEST. Every time I look at it I laugh. ;)

And Amy, if you check it out, I hope you like it! :)