Books, a front yard library, and The Great Gatsby

Hope all you moms out there had a beautiful, blessed and relaxing Mother's Day yesterday (okay, and everyone else, too)! Not a whole lot going on around here other than the fact that I'm reading Golden by Jessi Kirby (almost done!) and trying to work on writing during construction which is kinda... hard. But there are a few things I thought I'd share from the interwebs last week:

1) Melissa at Harley Bear Book Blog posted YA Rainbow: Covers of YA Thursday and I thought it was so beautiful! Not only do you get to see quite the eclectic array of covers, but it's always pretty cool to see a bunch of YA books together. You can check it out HERE.

2) My amazing friend ST Bende is featured in USA Today because well, her book, Elsker, features Norse gods (think Thor) and I guess Norway's Constitution Day is coming up. So yeah. I thought it was pretty cool to learn a little more about that after reading Elsker (and her prequel, Nor)... though those of you who are into that stuff a bit more will probably appreciate her explaining her own personal take on things. (link)

3) I've been seeing these "free libraries" for a while now (you can check out their actual website HERE), and this is the next project I'm wanting to do (hopefully for my birthday in the fall?). You see, I've had this wish for a couple of years now to open up a coffee shop eventually (not a unique idea, I know) and I've sorta been stocking up on cool games and books to have in my coffee shop that I won't particularly have at any time in the near future. So while the games have nowhere to go, the few books I've stocked up on do if I get this:

 photo 3930cd48-59cd-4894-9d12-c7763284ab60_zps4d382e0f.jpg
*photo courtesy of

I mean, can't you see this in my front yard? (Well, minus the snow because there's no snow here, but still.) I can. I want it. A lot.

4) We saw The Great Gatsby yesterday. And I dunno. I'm glad I saw it on the "big screen" (we did 2D), but I don't know if I'll watch it again. Glad to have seen it, glad for the experience, but as Lovemuffin said halfway through the movie, I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I'm gunning for the bad guy in this. Because you do, you want him to get her and then you realize wait wait wait... but she's ALREADY MARRIED! So yeah. Good. Big production. Crazy to have modern music with older movie (different, like in Romeo and Juliet). Everyone's talking about the lovely Leonardo but you know, I really like Tobey and I think he did a marvelous job and I actually like the guy and think the older he gets, the better. (And I think some people have him forever stuck in their heads as the original Spiderman but have you seen Brothers? Because... GAH.)

Okay enough about all that. Enjoy the weather (most likely cooler than it is here... high 90s already) and your loved ones and those beautiful books and whatever else strikes your fancy and have a blessed week!

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