Getting to Know Jonas, Hattie, and Wanless (Take Two)

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Happy Friday, guys! Okay... can I say it? I'm totally in love with my blog. Hafsah rocks. :) To quickly recap this week, we're two weeks into Local Author Wednesday, and so far, Sharon Lathan, author of historical romance, and James Garcia Jr., author of paranormal (as in, vampires), have been featured. Both giveaways are still going, so please feel free to enter Sharon's HERE and Jimmy's HERE.

And now for the second installment of Getting to Know Jonas, Hattie and Wanless! YAY! I've posted the second chapter of Pity Isn't An Option at Goodreads, so if you've already read Chapter One, click HERE to read Chapter Two! (If you haven't read the first one yet and want to start from the beginning, click HERE.) 

Have a blessed weekend!

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