HIJACKED! and Getting to Know Jonas, Hattie, and Wanless (Take Three)

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So my friend, Lisa, at A Life Bound By Books is on a little trip. (Okay, it's a big trip. She's over in Liverpool right now. Liverpool. Yeah, she's doing just fine, yay for her and all that jazz.) Anyway. Somehow--I do not know how this happened--her website was HIJACKED by someone at Wanless Wanderer (Wanless' local paper) Radio!!! Pretty sneaky, don'tcha think? I mean, really! (If Kendrick or his guys find out... stuff's going to hit the fan.) You can check the radio announcement out HERE (but please do not tell President Kendrick, okay? Many families' lives are at stake)!

Oh and Chapter 3 of Pity Isn't An Option is up at Goodreads. Click HERE to read Hattie's point of view (though it would probably be best to read the radio announcement first)!

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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