Getting to know Jonas, Hattie, and Wanless (Take One)

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Happy Friday! :) I'm so excited to have a new and bee-au-tiful new blog design thanks to my amazing and talented pal, Hafsah! This girl rocks (she's a writer, book blogger, designer... and all around awesome gal)! I mean, the cover to Pity Isn't An Option is a testament in itself to her talent--but THIS? I love love love it (possibly even more than PIAO's cover. Gosh. That's a hard one.) If you've been wanting any kind of design (or even if you haven't) feel free to check out her business, IceyDesigns (link).

In honor of the new design and hosting Local Author Wednesday here on the blog and well, a lot going on around here (middle daughter graduating from 8th grade; kitchen being, well, gone at the moment; writing; and other stuff--oh and let's not forget Lovemuffin and my 16th wedding anniversary, too), I thought it would be fun to take each Friday this month to share a chapter from Pity Isn't An Option. This is mainly because I love Jonas and Hattie so much and want to share their story with you all (and introduce you to the town of Wanless), but also because I'm working on the companion novel to it right now and am so excited I just can't help but share a part of them. :)

So, without further ado, click HERE to check out Chapter One (Jonas' point of view) of Pity Isn't An Option on Goodreads.

P.S. Have you checked out this week's Local Author Wednesday author, Sharon Lathan and entered the giveaway? If you're a Pride & Prejudice fan (or even if you aren't yet but love historical romance) you'll love her books! Click here to enter the giveaway! Enjoy!

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