There's still time to enter Local Author Wednesday giveaways!

With everything going on and the middle kid graduating 8th grade and no kitchen *still* (and #BEA--I swear I'm not glued to the internet about this... okay, maybe I am... oh and speaking of, there's an #antiBEAReadathon going on! You can check it out HERE! FYI I am failing miserably at it, though not for lack of trying!) and all the other stuffs going on, this week's Local Author Wednesday is going to get pushed to next week. But that's great, because it gives Michael and I a chance to figure out some way cool local history to share. He's been posting quite the interesting photos on his page lately, so I can only imagine what we're going to learn next week.

As for the past three Local Author Wednesdays, the giveaway dates are coming to a close and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enter a few more times. For those of you who've never used Rafflecopter (*ahem* my local pals), it's a simple "enter-this-little-tidbit-of-info-and-then-you're-entered" kind of thing. I have made sure to always have a free entry for those who aren't on Twitter and whatnot (that's okay, we still love you) so hey, might as well try for that freebie! I mean, they are BOOKS? Need I say more? :D

So here's a breakdown and direct links to enter to win as many days as you want before the dates are over...

1) 1 copy of Sharon Lathan's The Passions of Dr. Darcy (historical romance--Jane Austen style) HERE

2) Set of James Garcia Jr.'s Dance on Fire and Flashpoint ebooks (paranormal) HERE

3) 1 signed, hardcover copy of Kasie West's Pivot Point (YA dystopian) HERE

Feel free to spread the readerly love and share this info!

Have a blessed Wednesday,


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