Getting to Know Jonas, Hattie and Wanless (final post)

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“Please don’t tell me—” I lift my head. “Are you finking out on me now, Jonas?” I shouldn’t be treating him like this, I know, but I’m so… mad. It’s my Dad. How can I just sit back and watch him disappear like so many other people have? ~Hattie Akerman

This week marks the last installment of Getting to Know Jonas, Hattie and Wanless--a weekly thing I've done throughout the month of May where I've shared one chapter from Pity Isn't An Option a week). Click HERE to check out the final chapter on Goodreads!

The reason I decided to share the first five chapters is because I wanted people to get a feel of the book and Hattie and Jonas' story. I wanted readers to know where the characters were coming from, to understand what they were going through. PIAO is dystopian, but not necessarily in the way so many YA books are right now. It's a story of loss and hopelessness and finding a way through those to continue, and sometimes a blurb just doesn't get that point across properly.

Come June, Jonas and Hattie will be featured on a few different blogs, and I can't wait to share those posts with you! I've had a lot of fun doing them and *SO* appreciate the writerly world and bloggers who daily go out of their way for indie authors such as myself.

Also, I'm currently looking for a few (serious) readers to review PIAO, and am in a group on Goodreads where you can sign up, if you're interested. Reviews greatly benefit the writer, as you know, because they help get the word out there. So if you're interested and willing to review, let me know and I can direct you to the right thread. (There are many other authors in that group looking for reviews as well!) Keep in mind a review can be one or two paragraphs, or more than that. The point is to explain how you felt about the book in your own words. :)

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