If I Speak True photo feature -- this week's writerly news

What I imagine to be Bluffs Beach in Ambrosia. See Crowe Island?

Hey all! :) Being as it's kinda crazy around here, I don't really have much of an update, other than to share that the feature I spoke of last week about posting daily photos/excerpts of If I Speak True on my Tumblr account is in full swing. (Yay!) If you'd like to check out the first five posts or simply follow it daily as I post but don't have/want a Tumblr account, click HERE at any time (this link will take you to those posts only)! 

Oh, and make sure to scroll down and start at the beginning, with the book cover!!!

Have a blessed and productive weekend, everyone! :D


Cheyanne said...

Hey now... I've avoided tumblr for soooooo long and now I know I'll end up getting one because of you. Remind me to gripe at you next time I'm on your tumblr instead of writing! :p

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Yeah, it's definitely distracting... almost as much as Pinterest! :D